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Lizárraga, Marcos, Gabriel Moreno, Martín Esqueda, Alfonso Sánchez & Martha Coronado. Myxomycetes from Sonora, Mexico. 3: National Forest Reserve and Wildlife Refuge, Ajos-Bavispe. Mycotaxon 99: 291–301. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Twenty-four species of myxomycetes from the National Forest Reserve and Wildlife Refuge, Ajos-Bavispe, located in Sonora, México, were studied. Nineteen taxa are new records for the Sonoran myxobiota; these are Arcyria cinerea, Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa, Comatricha elegans, C. tenerrima, Craterium obovatum, Diderma spumarioides, Echinostelium apitectum, Lamproderma scintillans, Licea minima, L. variabilis, Perichaena depressa, Physarum album, P. bivalve, P. flavicomum, P. javanicum, P. leucophaeum, P. leucopus, P. tenerum and Willkomlangea reticulata. There are now 66 taxa known, including the new records. The studied species are discussed and photomicrographs of their macro- and microscopic characters are given for some of them.

KEYWORDS: Myxomycota, chorology, taxonomy, SEM

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