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Yu, Zefen, Min Qiao, Ying Zhang, H.-O. Baral, & Keqin Zhang. Orbilia vermiformis sp. nov. and its anamorph. Mycotaxon 99: 271–278. 2007.

ABSTRACT: During our study of orbiliaceous fungi and their anamorphs, a specimen of Orbilia was collected and its anamorph culture was obtained. The morphological characteristics plus phylogenetic analyses based on nuclear rDNA sequences indicate that both the anamorph and teleomorph represent new novel distinct species. Both teleomorph and anamorph are described and illustrated. The teleomorph Orbilia vermiformis is similar to O. crystallina, but differing by its apothecia without solid, glassy processes at the margin, larger asci and ascospores, and the anamorph Dactylella vermiformis is characterized by branched conidiophores and 0-1-septate clavate conidia.

KEYWORDS: teleomorph-anamorph connection

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