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Mehmet Gökhan Halici, Aysen Özdemir Türk & Mehmet Candan. New records of pyrenocarpous lichenicolous fungi from Turkey. Mycotaxon 99: 201-206. 2007.

ABSTRACT: This study reports eight species of lichenicolous fungi from Turkey. Five of these taxa, Endococcus propinquus, E. rugulosus, Polycoccum cartilaginosum, P. crassum and Stigmidium psorae are new records for Turkey. The others, Arthonia epiphyscia, Stigmidium tabacinae and Weddellomyces turcicus, are only recorded for the second time from Turkey. Comments on habitat, substrata and ascospore structures are given for each taxon with a short description. More detailed information is given for Weddellomyces turcicus, which was described from only one specimen.

KEYWORDS: Ascomycota, pyrenocarpous fungi, lichens

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