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Cui, Bao-Kai, Yu-Cheng Dai & Cony Decock. A new species of Perenniporia (Basidiomycota, Aphyllophorales) from eastern China. Mycotaxon 99: 175–180. 2007.

ABSTRACT:  A new poroid wood-inhabiting basidiomycete, Perenniporia rhizomorpha, collected in Anhui and Fujian Province, eastern China, is described and illustrated. The new species has an annual growth habit, resupinate basidiocarps with a cream buff to yellow buff pore surface, and a cream to buff coloured margin to which rhizomorphs are joined. Microscopically it is characterized by encrusted contextual skeletal hyphae. The basidiospores are ellipsoid, not truncate, dextrinoid and cyanophilous, 5.3–6.5 x 4.1–5.2 µm.

KEYWORDS:  polypore, taxonomy, wood-rotting fungi

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