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Vánky, Kálmán. Taxonomic studies on Ustilaginomycetes -- 27. Mycotaxon 99: 1–70. 2007.

ABSTRACT:  The smut fungi of Acanthaceae, Eleusine, Eragrostis, Limnanthemum, Paspalum, Setaria, stripe smuts of Calamagrostis, and others have been studied. New species include Entyloma heterothecae, Franzpetrakia phaceluri, Restiosporium guringaliae, Sporisorium myanmarense, Tilletia melicae, T. setariae-parviflorae, T. setariae-pumilae, T. shivasii, T. thailandica, Ustilago planetella. New names (Macalpinomyces patilorum, Sporisorium muticae) and new combinations (Doassansiopsis limnanthemi, Heterodoassansia khandalensis, H. ranunculina, Sporisorium chrysopogonis-fulvi, S. magnusianum, S. paspali, S. setariae-mombassanae, S. tembuti, Tilletia beckerae, T. sleumeri, T. sphaerocarpa, Urocystis pedicularis, Ustilago glabra) are proposed. Twenty-nine taxa are placed in synonymy, Ustilago panici-latifolii and U. pertusa are excluded from the smut fungi, Ustilago crameri is neotypified, and Doassansia opaca and U. eleusines Syd. are lectotypified. Keys to Franzpetrakia, Sporisorium (on Ischaemum), Tilletia (on Arundinella, on Poa, in vegetative host tissues), the smut fungi of Acanthaceae, Eragrostis, Limnanthemum, Paspalum, Setaria, and thestripe smuts of Calamagrostis are also provided.

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