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Hawksworth, David L. . Book reviews and notices. Mycotaxon 98: 273 - 308. 2006.

Abstract–Books reviewed include:

[General] MycoLibri: Die Bibliotek der Pilzbücher; Evolutionary Genetics of Fungi; 100 Years of Fungal Biodiversity in Southern Africa; La Biodiversità dei Funghi del Parco: Inventario della flora micologica del Parco Naturale Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli; Hongos, Líquenes y Briófitos del Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente; Biodiversitá nel Senese: Flora macromicetia nel XX secolo; Checklist of Fungi in Panama: preliminary version.

[Basidiomycetes] Checklist dei Funghi Italiani / Checklist of Italian Fungi. Basidiomycetes. Basidiomycota; Il genere Cortinarius in Italia; Los políporos (Basidiomycetes) de los Bosques Andino Patagónicos de Argentina; Macrohongos de la Región del Medio Caquetá, Colombia; Common mushrooms of the Talamanca Mountains, Costa Rica.

[Ascomycetes] Genera of Freshwater Fungi; Hypocreales of the Southeastern United States: an identification guide; Taxonomy and Pathology of Togninia (Diaporthales) and its Phaeoacremonium anamorphs.

[Lichen-forming fungi] Parmelioid Lichens in India (a revisionary study); Die Flechten Vorarlbergs; Shetland Lichens; Els Líquens Epífits com a Indicadors de l’Estat de Conservaciço del Bosc Mediterrani: proposa metodológica per als alzinars de Catalunya; Flora Polski: Porosty, Mszaki, Paprotniki.

[Conidial fungi] Phylogenetic relationships and morphology of Cytospora species and related teleomorphs (Ascomycota, Diaporthales, Valsaceae) from Eucalyptus; Grzyby z rodzaju Ramularia występujące w Polsce [Fungi of the genus Ramularia in Poland]; The Missing Lineages: phylogeny and ecology of endophytic and other enigmatic root-associated fungi; Fungi of Australia: Septoria

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