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Vellinga, Else C. Lepiotaceous fungi in California, U.S.A. —4. Type studies of Lepiota fumosifolia and L. petasiformis. Mycotaxon 98: 225 - 232. 2006.

ABSTRACT: The type collections of Lepiota fumosifolia and L. petasiformis were studied. Lepiota fumosifolia has cheilocystidia and abundant pleurocystidia with yellow contents and exudates; spores are smooth, clamp connections present and velar cells globose. This is an older name for Cystolepiota cystidiosa, C. luteicystidiata and L. lycoperdoides. Lepiota petasiformis is characterized by rough spores, absence of cystidia and clamp connections, and elongate velar cells. Cystolepiota pulverulenta is morphologically identical, and synonymized with it. Three new combinations are made in the genus Cystolepiota, viz. C. fumosifolia, C. oregonensis, and C. petasiformis. A key is provided for all Cystolepiota species recorded from western North America.

KEYWORDS: Agaricaceae, biodiversity

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