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Vellinga, Else C. Lepiotaceous fungi in California, U.S.A. — 3. Pink and lilac species in Leucoagaricus sect. Piloselli. Mycotaxon 98: 213 - 224. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Type collections of two beautiful pink and lilac agarics, viz. Lepiota roseolivida and L. decorata, are studied, and descriptions based on many fresh collections from California are given. Leucoagaricus marriagei is considered a synonym of L. roseolivida, based on morphology and ITS sequences, and Leucoagaricus idae-fragum is placed in synonymy with L. decorata. Based on morphology and molecular data, these species belong to the Leucoagaricus/Leucocoprinus clade in the Agaricaceae. Morphologically, they are placed in Leucoagaricus sect. Piloselli. However, nomenclatural changes are not made at this moment, as there are uncertainties over generic circumscriptions within the clade.

KEYWORDS: biodiversity

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