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Garcia-Blazquez, Gema , Ovidiu Constantinescu, M.Teresa Telleria & Maria P. Martin. Preliminary check list of Albuginales and Peronosporales (Chromista) reported from the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. Mycotaxon 98: 185 - 188. 2006.

ABSTRACT: The scrutiny of ca. 188 publications issued between 1867 and 2005 revealed that ca. 1500 fungus/host combinations of white rusts and downy mildews (Albuginales and Peronosporales) have been reported from Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. The fungi belong to 13 genera and 101 species, and are parasitic on 266 plants belonging to 146 genera and 32 families. The hosts represent about 3.3 % of the total number of plants known from this territory. It is concluded that the probable number of fungi belonging to these two orders should be sensibly higher in this area, and that more collecting is necessary.

The complete checklist can be found on the Mycotaxon Regional Checklists page.

KEYWORDS: Andorra, Portugal, Spain, occurrence, Peronosporomycetes

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