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Soares, Dartanha J., Douglas F. Parreira & Robert W. Barreto. Two new species of Mycosphaerella on milk tree, Sapium glandulosum, from Brazil. Mycotaxon 98: 169 - 176. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Two new species of Mycosphaerella (Ascomycota, Mycosphaerellaceae) are described on Sapium glandulosum from Brazil. Both Mycosphaerella sapiicola and M. sapii differ in ascospore shape and size from the other species of Mycosphaerella described on Sapium (M. sodiroana). An anamorph belonging to Septoria was also found associated with M. sapii. The type of M. sodiroana was reexamined and is illustrated here for the first time.

KEYWORDS: Alchornea sodiroi, fungal diversity, mycobiota, Sapium aucuparium, tropical fungi

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