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Pennycook, S. R. An index to Fries's Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici, 1838 1: Agaricini. Mycotaxon 98: 1 - 73. 2006.

ABSTRACT: All the generic, specific, and varietal taxa included under ‘Ord. I. Agaricini’ in Fries’s Epicrisis Systematis Mycologiciare indexed and annotated with basionyms and other nomenclatural synonyms published before 1838. All names are provided with accurate authorities and publication dates. The index covers 20 genera: Agaricus, Bolbitius, Cantharellus, Coprinus, Cortinarius, Gomphidius, Hygrophorus, Lactarius, Lentinus, Lenzites, Marasmius, Montagnites, Nyctalis, Panus, Paxillus, Russula, Schizophyllum, Stylobates, Trogia, and Xerotus.

KEYWORDS: nomenclature, hymenomycetes, gilled basidiomycetes

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