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Blackwell, Will H., Peter M. Letcher & Martha J. Powell. Thallus development and the systematics of Chytridiomycota: an additional developmental pattern represented by Podochytrium. Mycotaxon 97: 91-109. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Use of thallus developmental patterns in the systematics of chytridiomycetous fungi has been controversial, especially regarding the taxonomic rank or level at which use is appropriate. This review analyzes and interprets developmental thallus morphology among a spectrum of Chytridiomycota. Investigation of this topic revealed an additional mode of development, represented by the genus Podochytrium, distinct from developmental patterns previously recognized. Some genera that may seem morphologically comparable based on the mature thallus may in fact attain this morphology by different patterns of development. Although thallus development is of questionable macrosystematic and phylogenetic utility among chytrids because of convergence, patterns of thallus development can nonetheless be helpful in distinguishing one chytrid genus from another.

KEYWORDS: apophysis, bipolar growth, prosporangium, sporangium, zoospore cyst

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