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Spirin, Wjacheslav A., Ivan V. Zmitrovich & Solomon P. Wasser. Oligoporus balsameus — rare Eurasian species plus notes on some related taxa. Mycotaxon 97: 73-82. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Oligoporus balsameus is described and illustrated according to material from southern and northern parts of Eurasia, and its taxonomy is discussed. Two closely related species, O. cerifluus and O. floriformis, are also treated and compared with O. balsameus. Recently described Antrodia species, A. bondartsevae and A. primaeva, are combined into the genus Pilatoporus, which seems to be a more appropriate place for them. Spongiporus rhodophilus sp. nov., is a close relative of S. undosus, growing on dead basidiocarps of Rhodofomes roseus in old boreal forests and having shorter spores. Oligoporus cerifluus is reported as new to Russia.

KEYWORDS: polypore, taxonomy

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