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Hansen, Eric Steen. Index of Lichenes Groenlandici Exsiccati fascicles I-XXX with notes on distribution of the taxa in Greenland. Mycotaxon 97: 35-48. 2006.

ABSTRACT: The present list of lichens contains 239 lichen taxa that have been distributed from the Botanical Museum, University of Copenhagen during 1972Ð2005. The series, ÒLichenes Groenlandici ExsiccatiÓ, consists of 30 fascicles in all and includes lichen collections from all parts of Greenland, even high latitude, difficult-to-access arctic areas. The exsiccate has from the beginning been edited and arranged by the author of this paper. The 30 fascicles comprise the following numbers: I: 1-50; II: 51-110; III: 111-160; IV: 161-210; V: 211-260; VI: 261-310; VII: 311-360; VIII: 361-416; IX: 417-466; X: 467-500; XI: 501-550; XII: 551-600; XIII: 601-625; XIV: 626-650; XV: 651-675; XVI: 676-700; XVII: 701-725; XVIII: 726-750; XIX: 751-775; XX: 776-800; XXI: 801-825; XXII: 826-850; XXIII: 851-875; XXIV: 876-900; XXV: 901-925; XXVI: 926-945; XXVII: 946-965; XXVIII: 966-985; XXIX: 986-1005; XXX: 1006-1024. - In a number of papers dealing with the lichen flora of selected areas recently visited by the author, the exsiccate numbers are stated in the lists of lichens (see the list of references at the end of the present paper).


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