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Barbero, Mercedes, Mireia Giralt, John A. Elix, Antonio Gomez-Bolea & Xavier Llimona. A taxonomic study of Protoparmelia montagnei (syn. P. psarophana) centered in the Eastern Iberian Peninsula. Mycotaxon 97: 299-320. 2006.

ABSTRACT: A comparative study of collections of Protoparmelia montagnei and P. psarophana from the Eastern Iberian Peninsula has been made on the basis of their morphology, chemistry, habitat and distribution. Some additional specimens from adjacent Mediterranean regions have also been studied for comparison purposes. Four chemotypes of P. montagnei have been detected: chemotypes I, II and III, were previously known for this species but are reported for the first time from the study area. Additional secondary metabolites have now been detected in chemotypes I and II and a fourth chemotype characterized by the presence of a chemosyndrome of fatty acids is described. Protoparmelia psarophana is now placed into synonymy with P. montagnei. A comprehensive description of P. montagnei is presented (including several new characters) together with illustrations and a distribution map of the chemotypes in the study area.

KEYWORDS: lichenized ascomycetes, taxonomy, ecology

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