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Yang, Ying & Xingzhong Liu. A new generic approach to the taxonomy of predatory anamorphic Orbiliaceae (Ascomycotina). Mycotaxon 97: 153-161. 2006.

ABSTRACT: The types of trapping devices have been extensively accepted as the main morphological criterion for delimitation of the predatory anamorphic genera of orbiliaceous fungi. However, there were a few taxa exceptional. Multigene sequences including rDNA of ITS region and three protein-coding genes were analyzed. Three main clades were formed in the phylogenetic trees. Two clades corresponded to trapping devices of adhesive network (Arthrobotrys) and constricting rings (Drechslerella), respectively. However, Dactylellina forming stalked knobs and non-constricting rings and Gamsylella forming sessile adhesive knobs and adhesive columns were clustered into one clade when data were analyzed. Herewith, we propose to combine Dactylellina and Gamsylella into one genus. The generic concept of Dactylellina is emended and three new combinations are proposed.

KEYWORDS: predatory fungi, phylogenetic analysis

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