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Liang, Zongqi, Yanfeng Han & Huali Chu. Studies on the genus Paecilomyces in China IV. Two new species of Paecilomyces with monophialides. Mycotaxon 97: 13-20. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Two new monophialidic species of Paecilomyces, P. furcatus and P. cinereus, were isolated and discovered from soils of Shandong and Hebei Provinces, respectively, in China. Characters common to the two new species are as follows: [1] Optimum growth temperatures are 400C. [2] Conidiophores are absent or very simple. [3] Phialides arise solitarily from the aerial hyphae. Phylogenetic analysis of the rDNA ITS region suggest that both new species P. furcatus and P. cinereus form a separate sub-clade within a clade also containing P. inflatus, P. biformis and P. crassosporus.

KEYWORDS: fungi, hyphomycetes, morphology, taxonomy

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