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Untari, Ludmilla Fitri. The lichen genus Megalospora in Java. Mycotaxon 97: 129-143. 2006.

ABSTRACT: A taxonomic study of the genus Megalospora (Megalosporaceae) in Java was conducted based on morphological, anatomical, and chemical characters. Eight species of Megalospora with three subspecies and one variety are reported from Java. Three new species (M. flavoexcipulata, M. javanica, and M. albomarginata) and two new records [M. campylospora and M. pruinata subsp. fusca] are presented. Additional data are given for M. atrorubicans subsp. atrorubicans, M. campylospora, M. sulphurata var. sulphurata, M. tuberculosa, and M. pruinata subsp. lamii.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, Indonesia

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