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Dhingra, G.S. & A.P. Singh. Repetobasidiopsis gen. nov. (Basidiomycetes) from Eastern Himalaya, India. Mycotaxon 97: 115-118. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Repetobasidiopsis and the species Repetobasidiopsis grandisporus are described from India. The new species is characterized by resupinate, adnate, very thin, non-poroid fruit bodies, monomitic hyphal system, hyphae without clamps forming a compact, gelatinized basal region, a compact, short-celled sub-hymenial zone appearing pseudoparenchymatous, thin-walled, sinuous cystidia, subclavate with suburniform constriction to somewhat sinuous basidia, with linear repetition, and ellipsoid to subfusiform or suballantoid basidiospores. These unique features also support erection of a new genus that shares some features with Repetobasidiellum.

KEYWORDS: Bamboo, Arunachal Pradesh, Bomdila

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