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Hawksworth, David L. . Book reviews and notices. Mycotaxon 96: 333 - 354. 2005.


Books reviewed include:

[General] Fungi Down Under: the Fungimap Guide to Australian Fungi; Lista de Especies Silvestres de Canarias (Hongos, Plantas y Animales Terrestres); Atlas of the Geographical Distribution of Fungi in Poland. Fascicle 3; and Microfungi of the Tatra National Park: A checklist.

[Basidiomycetes] Röhrlinge und Blätterpilze in Europa; Checklist of the British and Irish Basidiomycota; I Funghi: I funghi del Giardino Inglese della Reggia di Caserta; Fungi of Australia: Hygrophoraceae; Flora Agaricina Neerlandica. Volume 6; and The Genus Hebeloma.

[Ascomycetes] an Illustrated Guide to the Coprophilous Ascomycetes of Australia; Les Oïdiums de Suisse (Erysiphacées); and A World Monograph of the Genus Plectocarpon (Roccellaceae, Arthoniales).

[Lichen-forming fungi] Norsk Lavflora; Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region. Vol. 2; Contributions to Lichen Taxonomy and Biogeography Dedicated to Leif Tibell; Lichen-forming, Lichenicolous and Allied Fungi of Israel; and Hongos Liquenizados.

[Conidial fungi] Sporidesmium, Endophragmiella and Related Genera from China.


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