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Goto, Bruno Tomio & Leonor Costa Maia. Contribution to the study of Endogonales in Brazil: The first record of Peridiospora tatachia. Mycotaxon 96: 327 - 332. 2006.

ABSTRACT: The order Endogonales contains four genera: Endogone, Peridiospora, Sclerogone and Youngiomyces. Peridiospora is the only genus with unispored sporocarps, which are quite similar to certain spores of Glomeromycota. In Brazil, there are few collections of the Endogonales; it is possible that species of this order are found, but not identified due to the lack of information regarding the group in most tropical countries. The occurrence of Peridiospora tatachia is recorded from Brazil, the species description is emended, and characters are discussed that help distinguish P. tatachia from similar species of Glomeraceae and Acaulosporaceae.

KEYWORDS: diversity, Endogonaceae, Glomus, morphology

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