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Nuytinck, Jorinde , Steven L. Miller & Annemieke Verbeken. A taxonomical treatment of the North and Central American species in Lactarius sect. Deliciosi. Mycotaxon 96: 261 - 307. 2006.

ABSTRACT: This paper deals with the 13 American species in Lactarius sect. Deliciosi that are supported or revealed in a molecular phylogenetic study of this section on a worldwide scale. Elaborate macro- and microscopical descriptions are given and illustrated for every species. Type specimens for nearly all taxa were examined in this study. None of the taxa treated here seems to occur in Asia or Europe. The name L. deliciosus is misapplied in North America but more research is needed to solve the taxonomy and relationships in this complex of varieties of "L. deliciosus". Lactarius aurantiosordidus is described as a new species.

KEYWORDS: morphology, Lactarius sect. Dapetes

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