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Miettinen, Otto , Tuomo Niemela & Wjacheslav Spirin. Northern Antrodiella species: the identity of A. semisupina, and type studies of related taxa. Mycotaxon 96: 211 - 239. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Type collections of Antrodiella (Basidiomycota, polypores) from Europe, North America and Siberia were studied. The current concept of Antrodiella semisupina includes many species; the European taxon is A. pallescens, comb. nov., while A. semisupina sensu typi occurs in North America. The identity of A. romellii was clarified and an epitype was selected to supplement its poor-quality holotype. A. serpula, comb. nov. is an earlier name for A. hoehnelii. In addition, the following new combinations are made: A. leucoxantha (=A. genistae), A. subradula (type from Siberia), A. pachycheiles (type from eastern U.S.A.), and A. ellipsospora (type from Siberia). A. beschidica and A. farinacea are reduced to the synonymy of A. pallescens; A. thompsonii is accepted as a good species. Antrodiella ichnusana, described from the Mediterranean, is reported from North Europe. Several other Antrodiella species are discussed. Spores are illustrated and their dimensions are given for the 17 accepted species. Gloeocystidia are considered an unreliable character for delimiting species in Antrodiella.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, nomenclature, polyporoid clade

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