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Hawksworth, David L. Leptosphaeria raphani does not occur on Draba aspera. Mycotaxon 96: 159 - 162. 2006.

ABSTRACT: The specimen on which the report of the occurrence of Leptosphaeria raphani on Draba aspera in Montenegro (Republic of Serbia and Montenegro) was based has been compared with the holotype of that name. The species on Draba differs from L. raphani in having more darkly pigmented ascospores which are elongate-ellipsoid not broadly fusiform, have all cells equal in length, and are shorter and wider, with a lower length/breadth ratio. The specimen from Montenegro is clearly a different species, and requires further study to determine if it is new. Canadian material reported on Arabis alpina and Draba oblongata could, on the basis of the published information, be conspecific with the Montenegran. Leptosphaeria raphani is currently only definitely known from Raphanus maritimus in the UK.

KEYWORDS: Arabis, Dothideomycetes, misidentifications, Mycotaxon policy, Phaeosphaeriaceae, Raphanus

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