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Castañeda Ruiz, Rafael F. , David W. Minter, Marc Stadler, Masatoshi Saikawa & Mayra Camino-Vilaró. Anamorphic fungi from submerged leaves in Cuba: Brevicatenospora enteroproliferata gen. et sp. nov. and Beltraniopsis aquatica sp. nov. Mycotaxon 96: 151 - 158. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Brevicatenospora enteroproliferata anam. gen. et sp. nov. and Beltraniopsis aquatica anam. sp. nov. are described and illustrated on decaying leaves of Andira inermis and an unidentified plant submerged in the 'Ancón' stream, Mil Cumbres, Pinar del Rio Province, Cuba. The former is distinguished by hologenous, unilocal, indeterminate conidiogenous cells with numerous enteroblastic percurrent proliferations and polymorphic unicellular, red-brown to dark brown conidia in short chains and the latter is characterized by unicellular, fusiform to navicular, brown conidia.

KEYWORDS: fresh water, systematics, tropical fungi, hyphomycetes

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