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Esqueda, Martin , Martha Coronado, Alfonso Sanchez, Evangelina Perez-Silva & Teofilo Herrera. Macromycetes of Pinacate and Great Altar Desert biosphere reserve, Sonora, Mexico. Mycotaxon 95: 81 - 90. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Macromycetes associated with four different vegetation types in the Pinacate and Great Altar Desert biosphere reserve were studied over a one-year period. Twenty-seven taxa representing the Phallales and Agaricales were determined. Families represented include the Geastraceae (4), Agaricaceae (5), Phelloriniaceae (1), Lycoperdaceae (4), Schizophyllaceae (1), and Tulostomataceae (12). Of these, Montagnea arenaria and Podaxis pistillaris, which produced the highest number of collections, were the most widely distributed; species belonging to the Geastraceae and Lycoperdaceae showed a more restricted distribution. The most species-rich genus was Tulostoma with 12 taxa. Geastrum berkeleyi, G. schmidelii and Tulostoma mohavei are new records for México. Chorology and phenology of all species are outlined, and SEM micrographs of basidiospores representing six species are provided. 

KEYWORDS: Gasteromycetes, taxonomy, chorology, phenology, SEM

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