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Hou, Cheng-Lin , Roland Kirschner & Chee-Jen Chen. A new species and new records of Rhytismatales from Taiwan. Mycotaxon 95: 71 - 79. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Of nine names of the Rhytismatales reported for Taiwan, only five, Coccomyces foliicola, Lophodermium mangiferae, L. pinastri, Rhytisma placenta, and Vladracula annuliformis, are retained. The other four are either invalid or incorrect. Recently, additional specimens were collected and identified. They include a new species, Coccomyces taiwanensis on fallen twigs of an unknown angiosperm host, and three species reported for the first time for Taiwan, Coccomyces multangularis on Machilus thunbergii, Lophodermium conigenum on Pinus sp. and Lophodermium petrakii on Cunninghamia lanceolata

KEYWORDS: Ascomycota, Rhytismataceae, taxonomy

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