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Tang, B.-H. , T.-Z. Wei & Y.-J. Yao. Revision of Termitomyces species originally described from China. Mycotaxon 95: 285 - 293. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Revision of the four Termitomyces species originally described from China was carried out to clarify their taxonomic status. Among them, T. bulborhizus was reported recently with well supported specimens and is confirmed as a distinct and reliable species, whilst the other three, viz. T. albiceps, T. cylindricus and T. macrocarpus, were described in the 1980s and are determined here to be synonymous with other species of the genus. Termitomyces albiceps and T. macrocarpus are synonyms of T. eurhizus, and T. cylindricus of T. aurantiacus. Full descriptions of available specimens cited in the original publication of T. albiceps and T. cylindricus are also provided for reference. 

KEYWORDS: Tricholomataceae, termite symbionts, nomenclature, taxonomy

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