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Donha, Cristine G. & Sionara Eliasaro. Two new species of Parmotrema (Parmeliaceae, Lichenized Ascomycota) from Brazil. Mycotaxon 95: 241 - 245. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Parmotrema sorediosulphuratum and Parmotrema superaguiense are described as new. Both species were collected in Guaraqueçaba Environmental Protection Area, located in the northern coast of the Paraná State, southern Brazil. The former species was found in areas of the Atlantic rain forest at 40 m altitude and the latter one was found only in the Parque Nacional do Superagüi in restinga, a characteristic type of vegetation occurring on nutrient-poor sandy soils along the Brazilian coastline. The species are morphologically and chemically characterized and illustrated. Comments with related species are also presented. 

KEYWORDS: eumitrin, lichens, pigments

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