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Adler, Monica T., Susana Calvelo & John A. Elix. The distinction between Menegazzia cincinnata and M. valdiviensis (Parmeliaceae). Mycotaxon 95: 217 - 228. 2006.

ABSTRACT: The aim of the present investigation is to assess the status of Menegazzia cincinnata and Menegazzia valdiviensis, two closely related species from southern South America. The main characters used previously to segregate the two species are discussed and evaluated. The main conclusions are that the presence/absence of thamnolic acid in the thallus medulla correlates well with differences in ascospore length, which, therefore, can be used in combination to propose a new delimitation of both species. In addition, differences in geographic distribution are showed to be consistent with this distinction. A complete chemical profile is detailed for each species, thus redefining, correcting and complementing previously published data. Gyrophoric acid is reported for the first time for the complex and is, with lecanoric acid, consistently present in both species. Other secondary metabolites are reported for the first time for the species.

KEYWORDS: Patagonian lichenized Ascomycota, South American lichens.

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