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Hu, Weifeng , Yan Li, Minghe Mo & Keqin Zhang. A new nematode-trapping hyphomycete of Arthrobotrys. Mycotaxon 95: 181 - 184. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Arthrobotrys multisecundaria, isolated from Yunnan, China, was illustrated and described as a new nematode-trapping fungus, which captures nematodes by means of adhesive three-dimensional networks. It is characterized mostly by one-septate primary, elliptical conidia, which produce unicellular secondary conidia from both distal and basal ends. The new species differs obviously from other related species by producing up to four secondary catenulate conidia.

KEYWORDS: Dactylella, Monacrosporium, predacious fungi, taxonomy

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