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Lamrood, Prasad & Aristoteles Goes-Neto. Taxonomic studies on Indian Phellinus s.l. species: parsimony analysis using morphological characters. Mycotaxon 95: 117 - 131. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Parsimony analysis of Indian Phellinus s.l. species based on basidiomata morphological characters was carried out. Fifty-four samples belonging to 23 species collected from different hosts were used. Trees were produced using parsimony analysis, heuristics search with random taxon addition sequences, tree-bisection-reconnection branch swapping without topological constraints. Out of 84 morphological characters used in the present analysis, 35 characters were binary and 49 were multistate and treated as non-additive. Parsimony analysis revealed that most of the studied specimens could be assigned to P. rimosus complex (Fulvifomes), P. pini complex (Porodaedalea), and P. igniarius complex (Phellinus s.s.). 

KEYWORDS: basidiomata morphology, cladistic analysis, Hymenochaetaceae, South Asia, tropical rain forest

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