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Jiang, Y. & Y. -J. Yao. ITS sequence analysis and ascomatal development of Pseudogymnoascus roseus. Mycotaxon 94: 55-73. 2005.

ABSTRACT: ITS sequence analysis and ascomatal development of Pseudogymnoascus roseus strains isolated from sclerotia of Cordyceps sinensis collected from the Tibetan Plateau, China, are reported in this paper. The ITS sequences of three strains from different locations were identical and were compared with sequences obtained from the BLAST search in GenBank. The strains display the same morphology as the reference collection deposited in K, matching the species description of P. roseus. Ascomatal development of the P. roseus strains is described. Ascomata of P. roseus were found to comprise an aggregation of asci from several different ascomatal initials enveloped by a loose, thick-walled hyphal network. In the parsimony analysis, ITS sequences of P. roseus and other Myxotrichaceae grouped outside the Onygenales and clustered with those of discoid fungi. Members of Myxotrichaceae were considered closely related to discomycetes, but greatly diverged from onygenalean fungi. Myxotrichaceae did not form a monophyletic group in the ITS tree.

KEYWORDS: DNA, fungal culture, taxonomy

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