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Han, Yanfeng, Zongqi Liang, Huali Chu & Jichuan Kang. Paecilomyces parvosporus, a new species with its relatives from Yunnan Province, China. Mycotaxon 94: 357-363. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Four Paecilomyces isolates were isolated from soils and insects infected in Yunnan Province, China. Amongst them, GZDX-IFR-A10.1 has been distinguished as a new species by its unique morphological characters including a light yellow colony on Czapek, small subglobose or globose conidia and long and thin phialidic necks as well as a phylogenetic analysis based on the nucleotide sequences of the ITS region. Meanwhile the other three isolates GZDX-IFR-A35.1, GZDX-IFR-466.6 and GZDX-IFR-468.2 were identified as P. lilacinus, P. tenuipes and P. cateniannulatus.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, morphology, fungi, rDNA sequence

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