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Kope, Harry & Isabel Leal. A new species of Lecanicillium isolated from the white pine weevil, Pissodes strobi. Mycotaxon 94: 331-340. 2005.

ABSTRACT: A species of Lecanicillium was isolated from the white pine weevil Pissodes strobi on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Isolates were collected from adult weevil cadavers. The fungus shares some morphological traits with L. attenuatum although it differs in having a slower growth rate, larger conidial heads holding up to 50 conidia, a longer average phialide length and variable conidial size and shape. An analysis of the mitochondrial DNA and the β-tubulin gene showed the fungus to be distinct from other Lecanicillium species. The new species, Lecanicillium pissodis, is described and illustrated.

KEYWORDS: entomopathogen, Hyphomycete, Picea, Curculionidae, biological control, Verticillium section Prostrata

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