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Garcia-Sandoval, Ricardo, Joaquin Cifuentes, Efrain De Luna, Arturo Estrada-Torres & Margarita Villegas. A phylogeny of Ramariopsis and allied taxa. Mycotaxon 94: 265-292. 2005.

ABSTRACT: The phylogenetic relationships of Ramariopsis and related taxa were studied through a cladistic analysis of 36 morphological, cytological, and biochemical characters among 23 species in six genera. Two of these genera were directly studied as groups of interest, three as external taxonomic outgroups, and one as operative outgroup. Representatives of Ramariopsis sensu Corner formed a monophyletic group, supported by the cyanophilous nature of their basidiospores and derivation of their ornamentation from the tunica. The new combination, Clavulinopsis antillarum, is proposed.

KEYWORDS: Clavariaceae, Homobasidiomycetes, spore ultrastructure, outgroup sampling, taxonomy

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