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Torres, Monica S., James F. White, Jr. & Joseph F. Bischoff. Cordyceps spegazzinii sp. nov., a new species of the C. militaris group. Mycotaxon 94: 253-263. 2005.

ABSTRACT: The proposed new species, Cordyceps spegazzinii sp nov., was collected on Barro Colorado Island, Panama. It is characterized by simple stromata with cylindrical to clavate heads, perithecia superficial to partially immersed, ascospores not fragmenting into part-spores and a Evlachovaea sp. anamorphic state. We compared C. spegazzinii to similar species in the C. militaris group. We determined that C. spegazzinii belongs to the C. militaris group, based on examination of morphological features and cultural characteristics, combined with phylogenetic analyses using LSU rDNA sequences.

KEYWORDS: Clavicipitales, taxonomy

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