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Gonou-Zagou, Z. & P. Delivorias. Studies on Basidiomycetes in Greece 1: The genus Crepidotus. Mycotaxon 94: 15-42. 2005.

ABSTRACT: The diversity of Crepidotus in the Eastern Mediterranean region is poorly known, and data from Greece are scarce. The present work aims at the record and study of the diversity of the genus in Greece and at the contribution to the knowledge of the distribution of the genus in Europe. Forty-four collections have been examined and ten taxa have been identified. Crepidotus autochthonus, C. lundellii, C. luteolus, C. subverrucisporus and C. applanatus var. subglobiger are newly recorded from Greece and most taxa are recorded on new substrates for both Greece and Europe. Detailed descriptions, ecological notes and taxonomical comments on all studied taxa are given.

KEYWORDS: lignicolous fungi, mycodiversity, biodiversity, taxonomy, Crepidotaceae

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