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Montoya, Leticia & Victor M. Bandala. A new species and a new record of Lepiota occurring in the Gulf of Mexico area. Mycotaxon 94: 111-125. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Two species of Lepiota are described from material collected in the central area of Veracruz State, viz. L. trichroma, a new species proposed here, and L. hemisclera, an unreported species from Mexico. Samples of both taxa were found in the cloud forest (mesophytic or subtropical forest) surrounding Xalapa. Descriptions and discussions, including illustrations of macro- and microscopic morphology of both taxa based on the Mexican collections are provided. Microscopical observations after studying the lectotype of Agaricus hemisclerus from Cuba, as well as material of Lepiota subcitrophylla from Japan are included.

KEYWORDS: Agaricaceae, Stenosporae

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