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Lizarraga, M., G. Moreno, C. Illana & H. Singer. Myxomycetes from Chihuahua, Mexico III. Mycotaxon 93: 75-88. 2005.

ABSTRACT: 19 taxa of Myxomycetes from the state of Chihuahua are described. Six of them are new records for Mexico: Dianema corticatum, Macbrideola synsporos, Perichaena syncarpon, Physarum newtonii, Symphytocarpus amaurochaetoides and Trichia decipiens var. olivacea. The others are new records for the state of Chihuahua: Badhamia nitens var. aurantiaca, Clastoderma debaryanum, Craterium paraguayense, Comatricha elegans, C. tenerrima, Diderma effusum, Lamproderma gulielmae, Macbrideola cornea, Physarum didermoides, P. cinereum, Trichia agaves, T. varia and Willkommlangea reticulata. Microphotographs of the taxa new for Mexico or little known species are given.

KEYWORDS: Myxomycota, SEM, taxonomy, chorology

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