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Torres , Monica S., James F. White, Jr., Guadalupe Cazares, Marshall Bergen, Joseph F. Bischoff & Raymond F. Sullivan. A new species and its phylogenetic placement in the Didymella/Phoma complex (Phaeosphaeriaceae, Pleosporales). Mycotaxon 93: 297-308. 2005.

ABSTRACT: A proposed new species, Phoma billsii sp. nov., was obtained from soil samples from Hawaii. The features of this new species are described and it is distinguished from other species to which it is similar. Large subunit 28S rDNA sequences are employed to place this new species phylogenetically. Phoma billsii is placed in a Didymella/Phoma complex in family Phaeosphaeriaceae of the Pleosporales. Sequence similarity of ITS1 rDNA was used to evaluate distinctness from similar species in Didymella and Phoma. A phylogenetic approach for classification of phomoid fungi is advocated.

KEYWORDS: Phoma billsii, Pleosporales, taxonomy

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