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Stajic, Mirjana, Johannes Sikorski, Solomon P. Wasser & Eviatar Nevo. Genetic similarity and taxonomic relationships within the genus Pleurotus (higher Basidiomycetes) determined by RAPD analysis. Mycotaxon 93: 247-255. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Random amplified polymorphic DNA polymerase chain reactions (RAPD-PCR) were used to assess the genetic diversity among 37 strains of 10 Pleurotus species from different geographical and ecological areas worldwide, as well as to show the extent of accordance between these molecular data and previously obtained morphological and physiological data. The RAPD dendogram obtained by using a UPGMA program, grouped the investigated strains into 6 clusters. One strain of P. cystidiosus and 3 strains of P. smithii, all originating from Israel, were grouped together, while another strain of P. cystidiosus, which originated from the USA, was clearly separated, which can be explained by the fact that ecological factors and geographical separation have a strong effect on the outcome of similar studies. Strains of P. pulmonarius and P. djamor showed also that geographical separation causes genetic differences. Cultivated strains with unknown morphologies were included in the study and caused serious difficulties in the interpretation of results.

KEYWORDS: genomic DNA polymorphism

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