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Wang, Long & Wen-ying Zhuang. Penicillium brevistipitatum, a new species isolated from Jilin Province, China. Mycotaxon 93: 233-240. 2005.

ABSTRACT: A unique Penicillium isolate from the soil of Mt. Changbai area, Jilin Province, China, with terverticillate and biverticillate penicilli, and unusually short and verrucose stipes is reported in this paper. It is described as Penicillium brevistipitatum sp. nov. and characterized by a moderate growth rate at 25°C without producing soluble pigment in the agar, sparse colonies on CA, extensive conidiophore fasciculation in dendroid or radial patterns on MEA, terverticillate and biverticillate appressed penicilli, extra short and verrucose stipes on CYA, narrow and long cylindrical phialides abruptly tapered to form long distinct collula, and ellipsoidal to ovoid smooth-walled conidia. This new species is morphologically similar to P. coprophilum and P. glandicola, which belong to Subgenus Penicillium, Section Penicillium, Series Claviformia according to the recent classification of Frisvad and Samson.

KEYWORDS: terverticillate penicillia, morphology, soil fungi

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