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Silveira, Rosa Mara Borges da & Jorge Eduardo Wright. The taxonomy of Echinochaete and Polyporus s. str. in southern South America. Mycotaxon 93: 1-59. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Taxonomic characters of the genera Echinochaete and Polyporus s. str. from southern South America are summarized based on examination of 350 collections, including 88 holotypes from different herbaria. The research revealed one species of Echinochaete and nineteen species and one variety of Polyporus s. str. representing four established subgenera (Polyporus, Melanopus, Polyporellus, Favolus). and the new subgenus, Austropolyporus, proposed here to accommodate P. gayanus. Pseudofavolus is considered a synonym of Polyporus s. str. Polyporus arcularioides is accepted as a separate taxon. Polyporus brumalis was not found in the area studied. Polyporus saltensis, considered an autonomous taxon, differs from P. tenuiculus in lacking clamp connections. Polyporus tucumanensis is recognized as a separate species distinct from P. ciliatus. Polyporus maculatissimus, usually considered within Polyporus s. str., belongs in Neolentiporus.

KEYWORDS: Basidiomycota, Polyporaceae, morphology

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