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Fischer, Michael, Jacqueline Edwards, James H. Cunnington & Ian G. Pascoe. Basidiomycetous pathogens on grapevine: a new species from Australia – Fomitiporia australiensis. Mycotaxon 92: 85-96. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Phylogenetic species recognition allows identification of a new basidiomycetous species, Fomitiporia australiensis, associated with white heart rot of esca-affected grapevines in Australia. Microscopical characters of fruit bodies are very similar to those of the closely related species, F. punctata and F. mediterranea. Fomitiporia australiensis is distinct by forming both resupinate and pileate fruit bodies and by the sequences of the ribosomal ITS region. Fruit bodies of the species are rarely found in the field; existence as vegetative mycelium is prevailing. No definite statements are possible referring to exact geographic distribution and host range of the species.

KEYWORDS: biodiversity, esca, Hymenochaetales, phylogeny, wood-inhabiting fungi

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