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Silva, Adriano Marcio Freire , Maria Angelica Guimaraes Barbosa, Maria Menezes & Marcos P. S. Camara. Parapyricularia brasiliensis, a new dematiaceous hyphomycete on Gmelina arborea from Brazil. Mycotaxon 92: 43-47. 2005.

ABSTRACT: The new species Parapyricularia brasiliensis was observed on leaf spot of Gmelina arborea in Brazil. G. arborea is a plant species of Asian origin that was introduced into Brazil. P. brasiliensis differs from the previously described species of the genus based mainly on the number of branches of the conidiophore (two to four), length of conidiophore stipe, a protuberant conidial hilum, and conidial length and septation.

KEYWORDS: systematics, tropical fungi

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