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Fernando, Analie A., Susan E. Anagnost, Shannon R. Morey, Shuang Zhou, Catharine M. Catranis & C.J.K. Wang. Noteworthy microfungi from air samples. Mycotaxon 92: 323-338. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Nine infrequently reported microfungi, including two ascomycetes and seven hyphomycetes, were among approximately 161 others obtained from air samples collected both indoors and outdoors from 103 homes in Syracuse, NY. Acrodontium myxomyceticola was one of the most common species encountered. This species and Acremonium roseolum were the most frequent representatives of their respective genera. Acrodontium intermissum, Cladosporium macrocarpum, Gnomonia sp., and Myxotrichum deflexum were recovered from several homes. Aphanocladium album, Phialophora botulispora, and Tetracoccosporium paxianum were each represented by a single isolate. The high numbers of isolates of A. myxomyceticola may have been obtained in part because of the Random-50 approach to isolating fungi from Andersen air impaction plates. Acrodontium myxomyceticola and T. paxianum are new records for North America and for air samples; A. roseolum is a new record for air samples.

KEYWORDS: bioaerosols, hyaline and dematiaceous fungi, aeromycology

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