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Rajchenberg, Mario & Gerardo L. Robledo. Aleurocystis gloeocystidiata sp. nov. on Polylepis australis in Argentina. Mycotaxon 92: 317-322. 2005.

ABSTRACT: The new taxon Aleurocystis gloeocystidiata is described, growing on living branchlets of Polylepis australis in Central Argentina. It is characterized by a discoid-cupuloid basidiome, ellipsoid basidiospores 17-24 x 12-15 µm, metuloid cystidia, sulfonegative gloeocystidia, clamped, non-gelatinized generative hyphae, and encrusted skeletocystidia that are present in the context, form the white, hairy margin of the basidiome, and become grayish in Melzer?s reagent.

KEYWORDS: Aphyllophorales, Corticiaceae, taxonomy

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