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Han, Yanfeng, Huali Chu & Zongqi Liang. Two new species of the genus Paecilomyces in China. Mycotaxon 92: 311-316. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Two new species, Paecilomyces stipitatus and P. vinaceus, isolated respectively from soil samples of Wuhan City, Hubei province and Yantai city, Shangdong Province, China, are described and illustrated. The former species is characterized by its white colony, cylindrical or ellipsoidal phialides bases above typically long and septate thin stalks, and subglobose conidia. P. vinaceus is distinguished by white colony with a vinaceous reverse, clavate phialides bases, and subglobose to ellipsoidal conidia.

KEYWORDS: fungi, Gabarnaudia, Penicillium, taxonomy, morphology

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