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Chen, Jian-Bin , Sheng-Lan Wang & John A. Elix. Parmeliaceae (Ascomycota) Lichens in China's Mainland III. The genus Parmotrema. Mycotaxon 91: 93-113. 2005.

ABSTRACT: The genus Parmotrema in mainland China has been revised and 37 species are recognized. Of these Parmotrema laeve is reported as a new combination, 12 species are reported as new to China [P. applanatum, P. andinum, P. deflectens, P. eunetum, P. gardneri, P. immiscens, P. louisianae, P. margaritatum, P. pseudotinctorum, P. sipmanii, P. subarnoldii and P. subochraceum] and 3 species are recorded in mainland China for the first time [P. dilatatum, P. permutatum, and P. subcorallinum]. Parmotrema subtropicum is reduced to synonymy with P. overeemii, while the occurrence of 6 species reported previously could not been confirmed [P. latissimum, P. conformatum, P. hababianum, P. perforatum, P. sulphuratum and P. zollingeri].

KEYWORDS: Asia, lichen, taxonomy

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